5 Tried and Tested Foot Care Tips that you should Start...

We all yearn to have beautiful and soft feet, just like those of newborn babies. There are also those who have naturally pretty feet, and the remainder of the population suffers from dry, cracked feet. Well now you don’t have to suffer from these conditions as we are enumerating some of the natural remedies that […]

6 Healthy Reasons to Drink Eggplant Juice

Only a few people know the nutritious value of eggplants and its benefits to our health. Eggplants contain essential nutrients for the body’s proper function. Below are the 6 Health Benefits of Eggplant Juice. Health Benefits of Eggplant Juice: 1. Brain Health Eggplant are loaded with several phyto-nutrients that help in brain development. You can […]

Trusted Remedies for Natural Treatment of PCOS

Women diagnosed with PCOS of polycystic ovarian syndrome are known to produce more male hormones like androgen. This hormone can wreak havoc to a woman’s systems by affecting ovulation, disrupt insulin production, and change cortisol levels to name a few. Excessive amounts of androgen may also increase stress levels, acne development, induce unwanted hair growth, […]

Grooming Tips for Men

Ladies, here are some grooming tips for your man. If he comes up with the excuse that he wants the rugged look because it suits him best, tell him that that doesn’t change the fact that he still needs some grooming because his skin is delicate and sensitive. Androgen, or the male hormone, stimulates the […]

Making Natural Shampoo at Home

DIY Natural’s mission is to help people create their own natural products. It has a lot of benefits and it’s more often than not, easy to do. This is why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to teach as many people as we can what we know. Our lesson today is how to create your very […]

The Effects of Caffeine to your Liver

Moderate consumption of alcohol is proven to deliver a wide array if health benefits. However when abused, alcohol can pose serious damage to the body, particularly to the liver. According to research, alcohol consumption accounts for at least 37% of all liver disease mortality cases. Alcohol isn’t the only substance that is bad for the […]

The Impact of Meditation to the Brain

Do you suffer from having a monkey mind? Is your brain a little bit unsettled, capricious, whimsical, restless, confused, indecisive, and uncontrollable? All these qualities all describe a monkey-mind. There is a solution for you to be more focused and to gain more control of your brain- Meditation! If you need more convincing to try […]

10 Natural Home Remedies That Really Work

Did you know that you can treat some everyday ailments with natural cures that are present in your home? There are effective and all-natural ways to treat ailments faster and safely at home. The following 10 home remedies may be the alternative remedy you are looking for and what more, its like having a doctor […]

Simple Ways to Treat Facial Redness

Redness on the face is a skin condition that a lot of people struggle with every single day. These red patches are often caused by various factors such as skin allergy, sunburn, rosacea, skin sensitivities, and blushing. Some try to hide their facial redness under layers of makeup, but that only worsens the condition. The […]

9 Essential Food to Kickstart Your Immune System and Prevent Inflammation

It is remarkable how our immune system fends off unwanted diseases. It works all year long, with no days off or holiday breaks and yet we take this unwavering shield for granted. We drink to the point of intoxication, smoke more than moderately and eat more than we pray and, or love. And for those […]



Foods That Will Fill You Up

Nutrition is an integral component of man’s health. While there is freedom to eat anything a person likes, there are certain limitations due to the prevalence of medical conditions, such as heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, and cancer. In addition, eating without restriction can also lead to dyspepsia, bloating, being overweight, and even obesity. For these

How To Have A Lean Body